Sexy Halloween Outfits 2024

Woman wearing pumpkin sitting on leafs

While the kids are out collecting candy, it’s time for the adults to put on their own sexy Halloween costumes and enjoy the day, as well.

If you remember some raging college parties or are active in some kinky or swinger communities, you know that Halloween is a big day.

From sexy succubi wanting to seduce you, to vampires sucking more than just blood, or the devil himself walking in with nothing but his shoes…the options are endless.

Here are the best sexy Halloween outfits you should try out this year!


Woman in devil costume

The devil himself or herself is a sexy Halloween costume you cannot go wrong with.

Horns, a tail, and a robe or suit lay the foundation for pulling off a sexy devil.

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Demon or Succubus

The sexy demon or succubus is another classic Halloween costume that you can give a little twist.

Put on a pair of wings over your favorite lingerie or go for a leather corsage.

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Man leaning on window hinge

Count Dracula or rather Edward from Twilight, being a sexy vampire for Halloween is a sure way to make it right.

Put in some fake teeth, decide if and how much fake blood you want around your lips and dress up nicely.

You can do the sexy lingerie type, the renaissance one, or go for the iconic Dracula suit!

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Nun or Preacher

Woman in nun costume

Repent your sins and get on your knees!

The sexy nun (or monk or preacher) is a popular choice for kinky costume parties.

Get a costume online but what you wear underneath…is up to you…

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Woman in nurse costume

Nurses can be sexy, scary, and wicked at the same time, making this one of the sexiest Halloween outfits out there.

Blood or no blood, fabric or latex, you have lots of options with this one.

Guys can do the same and show off their naughty side with a fishnet top, for example.

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Wicked Witch

Woman in witch costume

The wicked witch will surely enchant everyone around her and it’s a great custome for those who like to wear hats and carry a broomstick.

Since witches usually wear more clothes, many feel more confident than in, for example, a stripper outfit.

You can also play around with different hair styles here and make it extravagant.

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Fallen Angel

The fallen angel is similar to a demon, however, you can play more with the “corrupted” image if you like.

A halo works really well to make this a sexy Halloween outfit that others will adore!

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The stripper outfit is a classic and among the sexiest uniform kinks out there.

It works well for any occasion and if you don’t feel like dressing up scary, the stripper is also nice as a Halloween outfit.

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Woman in bed with cat mask

An image says more than a thousand words!

Be a sexy cat for Halloween and see who wants to come pet you.

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Moon & Sun

The newest social media trend in 2024 is the Sun & Moon outfit with a friend or your partner.

As the name suggests, one is the sun, the other the moon.

This is just one of the many ways you can have a partner outfit and others include yin and yang, or one of the ones above!

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