The 10 best uniform kinks: Dress up and make it hot

Police woman figurine

There are a lot of people who find uniforms extremely sexy and we think so too!

From police officers to nurses, and firefighters, uniforms rock in the bedroom and outside.

Here are the 10 hottest uniform kinks and fetishes you can try out yourself!

Police Officer

Police officer hand on belt
Police uniforms just have something about them.

The most popular uniform fetish is arguably the police officer.

Equipped with a uniform, handcuffs, and a big gun, this makes for a super sexy kink!

You can get loads of different police uniforms online, with or without some accessories like toy guns, sheriff stars, etc.

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Lolita / Schoolgirl

Girl in Lolita outfit
The typical lolita look.

The young schoolgirl in a short skirt and with her hair in a pigtail has probably in every man’s dreams more than once.

Best of all, this is super easy to pull off and all you need is a skirt, a belly top, and bands for your hair.

This goes well in combination with a sexy teacher-student roleplay!

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Female teacher
A sexy teacher is the stuff of many people’s sexy dreams.

If you think schoolgirl is hot, you absolutely should try out the teacher one!

There are lots of ways to make a teacher “uniform”, but it usually involves nice dress shoes, cloth pants, and a jacket or suit. Women are better off with a blouse.

Alternatively, put on some lingerie and fake glasses and seduce your “student”.

If you and your partner are into it, you could even equip yourself with a cane or pointing stick and make sure the naughty student pays attention! 😉

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A sexy firefighter in the perfect uniform.

If police offers are every woman’s dream, firefighters are a close second.

Strong arms, sweaty, but glowing with self-esteem, the firefighter fantasy is more than just putting on a uniform.

Firefighter uniforms are a bit harder to come by and wear in style than others, but their bright colors make you stand out among the crowd.

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Female plumber
Nobody said it had to be a guy!

A hot guy/girl coming to your house, fixing your pipes, and giving you that smile that could melt a rock.

That’s exactly what the craftsman or plumber uniform aims to fulfill.

Get your best working pants and boots, and leave the shirt so it’s more “authentic”!

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Helicopter pilot
Pilot uniforms can be made in different ways.

Ah…the pilot.

Confident, dominant, and always wearing a casual smile on their face, they are synonymous with the “alpha male”.

You have two options here:

  1. The picture-perfect airline pilot
  2. The “top gun”-style rogue

You can find nice uniforms for both styles and either one will make your partner get in the mood.

Women can of course do the pilot, as well, or go for the flight attendant which is just as sexy.

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Strippers are one of the hottest uniform kinks out there!

Stripper uniforms follow the motto “less is more” and “make it extravagant”.

There are different styles to use. At the very least, you want to wear nice dress shoes and a pair of cloth pants with a belt.

On top, you can start with a jacket and nothing underneath apart from a pair of suspenders (very sexy!) and a bowtie.

Alternatively, choose a button-down shirt to create a little more excitement when undressing.

As Joe Cocker sang, “you can leave your hat on” and a hat works extremely well with the stripper outfit.

It helps if you don a pair of six-pack abs, however, even if not, your partner will surely love this uniform on you!

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Man in military uniform
Military uniforms are sexy and easy to get.

While not as common as police offers, the armed forces do look good in their uniforms.

You can find lots of different ones out there, and either go for the camouflage look or the parade uniform.

Just be sure to mark it as a costume. 😉

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Female doctor holding clipboard
Rawr…a sexy doctor.

Doctors are our heroes in white, and many people regardless of sex have fantasized about being seduced by one.

All you need really is a white coat and maybe a stethoscope to wear around your neck.

Be sure to have a confident smile on your lips when wearing a doctor’s uniform, especially when you go into roleplaying.

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Sexy nurse
A nurse outfit is easy to make.

A sexy nurse is a sight to behold and you can find nurse outfits at every larger kink party, it seems.

While typical nurses don’t show off their cleavage a lot, or run around in miniskirts, it sure works for the nurse uniform kink!

There are a lot of super sexy uniforms you can buy online and the outfit can also be purchased in latex.

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