The 10 Best Places for Outdoor Sex

The 10 best places for outdoor sex

Feeling frisky tonight and looking for the best places for outdoor sex?

No matter what kinks you’re into, being naughty together outside can bring fresh wind into any relationship.

Remember, outdoor sex is not equal to sex at public places and should always be done in a way so that absolutely no one notices you.

If you’re looking for some unique or exciting locations, here are our 10 ideas for outdoor sex. We also give you tips for doing so in a safe and discrete way.

Please be aware, however, that laws and regulations related to sexual activity, particularly in public spaces, can vary widely from one country or jurisdiction to another.

1 In the woods

Hiking in the woods isn’t just good for your health and fitness, it can also be a great way to enjoy each other outdoors.

How to stay discrete: A private cabin rental in a secluded location can give you the freedom to explore outdoor sex without disturbing anyone.

2 While camping

This is an easy one: Go camping with your partner and enjoy the beauty and solitude of nature in one way or the other. Just be sure that your campsite is in a remote area where you’re unlikely to be disturbed or seen.

Plus, some might get some extra excitement from the possible danger of a bear checking out the camp. Just kidding…

Tent under star sky

How to stay discrete: Turn off the lights on the inside so your shadows can’t be seen from the outside. Oh…and keep the noise down.

3 Private pool or hot tub

If you have a private pool or hot tub, you already have an exciting outdoor location at your disposal. Most people already place hot tubs at discrete spots in their backyards so they won’t be seen by those around.

Just be mindful of your neighbors…

Couple in hot tub

How to stay discrete: Place the hot tub where it can’t be seen or use screens to block the view.

4 Rooftop terrace

Rooftop sex is a special one no matter where you are.

If you have access to a private rooftop terrace, it’s a great pick to enjoy more than just a stunning view!

How to stay discrete: Ensure there are no higher buildings around and don’t lean over the railing.

5 On the balcony

Risky but fun, the balcony is an easy way to engage in outdoor sex without having to even leave the house!

Just be sure that no one can look at you and keep in mind those who live above you.

How to stay discrete: Use curtains and privacy screens and keep the noise down!

Less risk, more fun

While the risk of getting caught can spice up outdoor sex, it is HIGHLY recommended not to actually have this happen. Respect public decency laws and don’t ever involve minors!

6 At the beach

Sex on the Beach can be more than just a drink! This one is hard to pull off but super special if you can do it.

This isn’t one for public beaches so renting a beach house is your best bet here. For starters, maybe an ocean-view hotel room suffices.

How to stay discrete: No public beaches(!) and no, putting a towel on top is NOT an adequate way to be discrete.

7 Your own backyard

As you saw above, it doesn’t always have to be super extravagant. Next time you’re in your backyard and by yourselves, why not just use the heat of the moment and do the dirty right there?

Alternatively, you could go the romantic route with candles, outdoor lights, a tent, and some music.

How to stay discrete: The easiest way to stay discrete in your backyard is by having a tall fence or hedge around. Alternatively, a home garden, greenhouse, or gazebo gives you more privacy at the expense of the “true” outdoor feeling.

8 On a boat

Gosh, is there anything better than sex on the deck of a boat in the middle of the sea?

In my opinion, there isn’t.

If you have access to a boat, heading out into a secluded part of a lake or the ocean can be a thrilling adventure.

Couple in boat kissing

How to stay discrete: Just be sure there aren’t any other boats around.

9 Empty parking lot

The hood of the car is an iconic spot not just in more than a few movies but also for some great outdoor sex. If you’re more into the backseat that’s an option, as well!

Just find an empty parking lot or parking area by a less frequented road and you’re ready to go.

How to stay discrete: Be sure to stop when you notice any other vehicles approaching. Oh…and don’t sit on the horn by accident.

10 At a lost place

One adrenaline kick meets another. Lost places are great for outdoor sex since they are usually, well…, not very busy.

Abandoned buildings, whether an old factory, a church, or empty train tunnels, the possibilities are endless.

Lost place

Bonus: In the desert

Ever heard of the Burning Man festival? If this isn’t the perfect place for some outdoor action, I don’t know either.

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